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Information and Rules

Post by Napier on Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:18 pm

This topic is used to sell and buy in-game things such as vehicle business

All Items posted must have an IG picture of it to prove you have it.
You are required to post the screenshot in the auction, this is to prove you have the item.
Failure to do this will result in the auction deemed as invalid.

Put your character name and/or phone number for contact usage.
It is up to you whether you provide it in the original post, or the last post for the buyer to contact you.
Without this information, you run this risk of forcing people to have to metagame your details, which is breach of rule 10.

Anything available In-Game is sell-able.
This includes any scripted item that is capable of being given to another player.
Keep in mind however that the San Andreas State Police may decide to intervene if they suspect you are selling illegal items.

Please put as much detail as possible about the item you are selling.
You'll find that people will be reluctant to purchase poorly advertised products. If your auction thread is more appealing, you have a much larger chance to sell your possessions, as it attracts more attention than a thread with no effort.
Auctions with no effort whatsoever will be archived with no warning.

When someone has purchased the item, please state so on your post.
Not finishing the auction with a proper post is confusing, you should update your topic as soon as the product is sold.
In this case the auction will be archived.

Prices can be defined by the seller but you're free to haggle.
You should be careful though - the hard sell may shoo away potential buyers.
Keep your haggling realistic, if the auctioneer denies your offer multiple times, deal with it.

Remember this is In Character (IC) so anything Out Of Character (OOC) requires brackets (( EXAMPLE ))
Speaking OOCly without brackets counts as mixing and confuses everyone, and may mistakenly get someone to metagame.
Failure to surround OOC information with brackets will result in your post being deleted.

This is to Sell, not Buy.
Auctions are created in order to sell items and not buy them. Try your luck in-game if you're trying to buy a certain item.
Any "buy" topics that are found will be deleted.

You may not scam people on the Auction Board.
We do not tolerate any scamming here! This board is designed to be a safe place to sell and purchase assets.
If you are found to have scammed someone in an auction, you will face a forum ban and possibly an ingame ban.

When your auction is over, mark it [SOLD] in the title.
This will make it easier for the admin team to keep the section clean and tidy and allows new auctions to gain attention.
There is no punishment for this, but it is greatly appreciated.

It is at an administrators discretion to whether or not an auction has went dead.
If an administrator deems an auction to be inactive, they may archive it without warning.
You will then have to request it to be moved back.
The auction will be archived.

Once an item is posted for auction, you may only sell it to the winner of the auction and not to others ingame. The winner of the auction has up to 5 days to claim his item or the auctioneer can sell it to others. If the winner of the auction doesn't communicate with the seller, they will face a forum ban of 3 days.

An auction usually doesn't take more than 20 minutes, it would be physically impossible to sell your items during that time.
If caught selling auction items outside of the auction forums you will be temporarily banned from the forums and in-game.

Cancelling your auction either IC'ly or OOC'ly is strictly prohibited.
However, you may cancel the auction if no valid bids have been placed after 5 days of the auction being posted.
Cancelling an auction will result in a temporary ban of your forum account.

Bidders are not allowed to withdraw any of their bids under any circumstances.
Once a bid has been placed you may not edit your post to remove it or IC'ly/OOC'ly withdraw a bid for any reason.
Withdrawing a bid will risk an OOC fee of 25% of your bid. (Example: if you withdraw a $1,000,000 bid you will be charged $250,000). The cash has to be destroyed via /destroycash (and leave the server's economy), it does not go to the auction creator.

After a seller states that an item has been sold/won, the seller may not accept higher bids under any circumstances.
This includes going over the autowin - if one player reaches it, you have to accept his bid and may not accept any higher bids.
If you are caught selling to someone else after stating it was sold to another person, the money and item will be returned and the item will then be sold to the original winner (with the force of an admin if needed).

Admins and helpers may announce going once, going twice and sold in your auction threads.
However, they will only do so if there is a significant delay (48hours after the last valid bid) in you posting there.
If you fail to maintain the auction, or the admins'/helpers' decisions while acting as the auctioneer in the auction, you will face a forum ban and the goods forcibly removed from your account.

Items should be auctioned in the form of "going once, going twice" then "sold".
Following this system allows for a more fair and realistic environment and as such has been implemented as an auction rule.
Failure to abide by this rule will render the auction invalid and as such the creator of the auction will be punished dependent on severity.

You are not allowed to post in an auction if you are banned (date/temp/perm).
If you are banned (of any description), we deem it unfair for you to be posting on auctions.
If you post in an auction whilst you are banned, you shall face a 3 day forum ban.

You must have the assets/money you are offering on any auction before posting.
It is not fair for anyone if you do not have the required asset(s)/money/offer to purchase the item that you are bidding on thus you must possess the said asset(s)/money/offer before posting on the auction.
If you violate this rule, you shall face a 2 day forum ban.

You can NOT copy someone's auction topic without their permission.
You must create your own auction format. You are allowed to use other members' auction formats, only with the other member's consent.
Failure to do this will result in the auction deemed as invalid and you being forum warned for plagiarism.


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